Hillbrook Expatriate Tax Solutions

Hillbrook Expatriate Tax Solutions

Hillbrook Expatriate Tax Solutions (“Hillbrook”) was founded May 1, 2010 as Erik Heslenfeld and Henk Amorison, two former Price Waterhouse colleagues in the early 90’s decided to join their forces.

In 1996, Erik already started his own business which became Hillbrook Management BV in 2004. In 2010, Ivo Menting was hired to further develop the salary administration services of international mobility employees. Erik, Henk and Ivo are complementary to each other and they have high level experience on a wide range of services. Reason why Hillbrook ETS consider themselves as a boutique firm and trusted advisor on these services.

What sets Hillbrook Expatriate Tax Solutions apart?

Hillbrook ETS is really interested in their clients and listens to their stories and future plans. Subsequently, we strive to optimization of their tax positions. Our motto is to exceed our clients expectations. Not via lengthy advices but through no nonsense and to the point solutions and lean and mean tax compliance products against competitive fees.




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Hillbrook Expatriate Tax Solutions
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